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Parasailing In Charleston, SC


Parasailing In Charleston, SC

Looking For Fun Things To Do? Come Fly With Us, Try Parasailing

Our U.S.G.C. Captains are experienced in parasailing to offer you the excitement of soaring high above the ocean with the seagulls!

Each parasailing excursion includes up to 12 passengers Spectacular views and the awesome sensation of floating above the earth is an experience that will last a lifetime!

Fly by the pair, individual's weight can not exceed 230 lbs per flyer. Triples are available at the captains decree, only for our smaller fliers or two small fliers and an adult. All flights are subject to change due to captain's order and or weather. Safety is our priority, we do not compromise. Observers are welcome to ride along for a small fee if the boat is not full at the time of departure. A parasailing WAIVER is required prior to your flight.

Parasailing flights offer the perfect setting for marriage proposals -- or are a great way to enjoy the scenery with a friend! Parasailing is available only if conditions are favorable. Observers are welcome to ride along for a small fee if the boat is not full at the time of departure.

Parasailing in Charleston SC

What Is The Difference Between "Standard Parasailing" and "The Tidal Wave Package?"

Of all the fun things to do in Charleston, parasailing is the only activity that allows you to see the sights from a bird's eye view. Anyone can drive across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, with parasailing you literally get aerial views that only the birds can enjoy. The one truly notable difference between our two packages beyond the price is that "The Tidal Wave Package" extends your line tether nearly 20 stories ( 200 feet ), so you and a companion can fly higher! Since we roll out an additional 200 feet of line your total time off the ground extends a bit to get that line out, and then again after your flight time is over to reel you back in. For those that "don't do heights" you are welcome to ride along for a small fee provided there is room on the boat. Experience the best views of Charleston while soaring like an eagle. Remember "The Tidal Wave Package" adds 200' of line to your flight, and that's the difference.

Parasailing Rates

Downtown Charleston, SC

$65 Standard Parasailing
$25 Each Observer*
Please Park on the road before the marina.

Isle Of Palms, SC

$65 Standard Parasailing
$85 The TidalWave Package
$25 Each Observer*

*Terms & Restrictions:

Reservations with a total sum of $400 or more require a $100 deposit reservation with a sum totals of $1000 or more require 50% deposit when booking on the phone. All Online reservations must be paid in full when the reservation is made.

  • Must Arrive 20 Minutes Before Departure
  • Tandem Flights Only ( 2 people )
  • Favorable Conditions Required For Tandem Flights
  • Must be at least 10 years old
  • Max weight is 220 per person
  • Observer Availability On Stand-by Basis Only
  • Signed Waiver Required For All Participants
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See What Real People Say About Parasailing

  • First time parasailing for Grandma!...

    It was just awesome! Why did I wait so long! Very nice guys that drove the boat and instructed us! I would do this again right now if I could!! They were well organized and safety was foremost!!...

  • They truly give a time to remember...

    My boyfriend and I took a trip to Charleston last summer before school started back. We decided to go parasailing, much to my chagrin. Although I'm not much of a thrill enthusiast, Tidalwave deli...

  • Parasailing...just do it...

    I was the only one in our vacationing family that thought parasailing was a must do experience. Went solo anyway. They totally missed a great adventure. There were twelve fliers on our boat (the maxim...

  • One of the greatest experiences in my life...

    Tidalwave Sports is incredible. Parasailing with them was out of this world....



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