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Charleston, SC Boat Rentals

"First time parasailing for Grandma!"
It was just awesome! Why did I wait so long! Very nice guys that drove the boat and instructed us! I would do this again right now if I could!! They were well organized and safety was foremost!!

Louise A,

"They truly give a time to remember"
My boyfriend and I took a trip to Charleston last summer before school started back. We decided to go parasailing, much to my chagrin. Although I'm not much of a thrill enthusiast, Tidalwave delivered an awesome and fun filled time. Austin assured my that we couldn't visit Charleston without seeing it from a height of 800 feet, so I followed him to Tidalwave with a heavy heart. With our GoPro in hand we signed our waivers and got on the boat. This boat was beautiful, and wonderfully designed to comfortably fit the group that we had. The seats were comfortable and padded, and the speaker system was really spectacular. There were also really convenient storage areas for our belongings. Although the boat ride could be considered a little long, the tour guide and boat driver delivered a fun atmosphere. They played awesome music and pointed out all of the awesome landmarks we passed, including the Ravenelle Bridge and a house that had been put on the market for over 3 million dollars. They made it easy for me to forget my fear and just enjoy the ride. The parasailing aid was a really great guy who was easy to talk to. He made it a point to make us all feel welcome and excited to be there. He was extremely helpful and quick when it came to putting on our harnesses for the parasailing, and very precise with the instructions for the ride up into the air. Although there were a lot of safety instructions to follow, he made it seem easy. Between Austin and the guide, I was excited for my first parasailing adventure. Through the spirit of hospitality, the Tidalwave employees showed us a new side to Charleston. Although I have been to this coastal city many times, I have never experienced Charleston the way I did that day. Parasailing was a very scary and new concept to me, but this place made me calm and relaxed and gave me one of the most memorable and romantic moments of my life. I will never forget how small Charleston looked from 800 feet in the sky, and I will never forget how small you feel that high up. Thank you to Tidalwave for delivering a fantastic service to everyone who utilizes their business. They truly give a time to remember, and they were worth every penny.

Sarah T., Columbia, SC

"Parasailing...just do it"
I was the only one in our vacationing family that thought parasailing was a must do experience. Went solo anyway. They totally missed a great adventure. There were twelve fliers on our boat (the maximum number). A show of hands revealed that 10 of the 12 were first timers, so that lessened the potential embarrassment factor. One always considers the risk factor in these kind of things but after a brief but frank offering of risks I felt very much at ease. Not very risky as I found out. They flew the participants in various combos. Threes, tandems and one single (me). Each ride/lift lasts about 15 minutes. Tough to describe, but it was totally a feeling of flying and gently floating. Not the feeling of being dragged around by a boat. It is so cool and so much fun you wish it was longer. The time frame from leaving dock to returning was about 2 hours. The boat captain and our "harnessing" man Mark were the perfect combination of professional and fun. Awesome experience. Make reservations. This is very popular.


"One of the greatest experiences in my life"
Tidalwave Sports is incredible. Parasailing with them was out of this world.

TheRodgers2015, Greenville, South Carolina

The Ultimate Adventure

Parasailing & Jetski Safari Tours

Try our, new for 2016 "Ultimate Adventure." We take our two most popular activities; parasailing and a waverunner safari tour and group them into one package at a savings to you.

Waverunner Safari tours

Jetski Safari Tours

Explore the intercoastal waterways of the South Carolina coast, on a waverunner safari tour. It's like riding an ATV on the water. This fun family oriented activty perfect for almost all ages.



Would you like to fly? Try Parasailing where you can take flight high above the sea, go alone or bring a friend. Worried the line won't hold? We took a waverunner parasailing, check it out here.

Jetski Rentals

SC Jetski Rentals

In addition to our guided waverunner safari tours, we also have jetski rentals on an hourly basis. Our jetski rentals typically fill up quick so we recommend making your reservations ahead of time.

Custom Charters

Charleston Charters

From bachelor and bachelorette parties, family reunions, a family fishing charter, or sight seeing tour, Tidalwave Watersports offers both packaged Charleston harbor tours as well as custom charters.

Banana Boat Ride ( Open Memorial Day )

Banana Boat Rides

Our Banana Boat rides are great fun for family get togethers, groups, or even team building events. Who wouldn't want the thrill of skimming across the water on a big yellow banana?



Wakeboarding is a cross between skateboarding, snowboarding, and waterskiing. Our professional certified wakeboarding instructors will get you on your feet in no time.


Water Tubing

Tubing is literrally riding and inner tube towed behind a jetski or boat, it's fun, it's fast, and everyone will love it. See if you can hang on to the tube. We also have wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Dolphin Watching Tour

Dolphin Watching Tour

See the local wildlife in their natural habitat. Enjoy one of Charleston's greatest wildlife, the bottled nose dolphin, on a two hour tour through the backwaters of Grey Bay and Hamlin Sound.

SC Boat Rentals

Boat Rentals

Are you looking to rent a boat? Boat rentals are available by the hour. Sign the papers we hand you the keys and the boat is yours. Call us to book your boat rental today.

Buy Gift Certificates

Buy Gift Certificates

Looking for gift ideas? Tidalwave Water Sports has gift certificates available to purchase online. Give the gift of life long memories. Activity availability varies, reservations are recomended.

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